Doctoral courses on extremes and environmental risks

Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris
7-17 March 2022

I will be teaching a course on Environmental Extremes for master and doctoral students in statistics. This is part of a series of three lectures of the Doctoral School of Mathematical Sciences of Paris Centre.

You can find the course description here and the planning of all three courses here. More information and registration can be found here.

Material for Day 1

Session 1: SMEE_IHP2022_Session1HO.pdf
Session 2: SMEE_IHP2022_Session2HO.pdf and Practical2Lab.pdf. Data ozone and prcpFC.

Material for Day 2

Session 3: SMEE_IHP2022_Session3HO.pdf and Practical3Lab.pdf. Solutions to lab3.
Session 4: Practical4Lab.pdf, data gpsim and gplocs.

Material for Day 3

Session 5: SMEE_IHP2022_Session5HO.pdf and Practical5lab.pdf. Solutions to lab5.

Additional: DCCtools.R